"Tim Davis' Hidden Pictures has been a great way to get students excited about drawing and creating animals and their habitats.  It has also allowed students to see art from a new perspective." 
Erica Blackston, K teacher
“The students have had a great experience with Tim Davis. He has helped them to 'SEE' as artists! They have learned new skills both in art and in creating illustrated stories. Writing and art make the perfect pairing and the integrated lessons flow so easily with classroom content which makes for mutual benefits in both areas. Tim Davis makes it look so easy!” Sherry Smith, Art teacher​​​​​​​

"You are a wonderful teacher. All of the information, within a vast subject, was communicated so well to different ages and skill levels. Even more importantly, you were very accepting of each student’s work and still found the right way to advise them. That makes all of the difference, since it can be such a vulnerable process. I learned so much—thank you for opening up and sharing your experiences! It was all so helpful and—a lot of fun!" CS, Principles of Illustration
“I just wanted to thank you once more for the presentations and workshop you gave us this weekend. I was inspired by many of the elements you mentioned in your presentation. It was enlightening.” Neil Numberman, Highlights Hidden Pictures Workshop

“As a bookish kid in the fourth grade, I remember going to a weekend conference called Young Authors Club at our elementary school. On that Saturday morning in 1990, a warm-hearted illustrator named Tim Davis humbly talked to us about his work and encouraged us that we could be artists someday as well. Tim’s storytelling and art had a formative impact on my decision to pursue painting and drawing, and has even shaped my life as a designer today.” Brannon McAllister
“I still remember how I felt hearing your story for the first time. The first time I ever remember feeling transported by a story. You made a small world feel very big and very real.” Cory Godbey

“I was fortunate enough to take Tim Davis' class on writing and illustrating children's books, offered through Greenville Tech's continuing education division. Tim is an excellent instructor—informative and encouraging and his class helped provide me with the fundamentals I needed to begin work on my book, Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe. I am grateful to Tim Davis and Greenville Technical College for helping to launch my writing journey. Tim and I are still in touch, and he is an important leader in our area's writing community.”​​​​​​​  Jo Hackl, GTC Writing & Illustrating for Children
“I think hands-on exercises help students dip their “toes in the water”. I remember the first class I took of yours you handed out a short, one page template and asked us to develop a character (template had questions to answer). While I was petrified since I had no preconceived notion of even why I was in the class, the template gave me a crutch to lean on – that simple questionnaire led to my development of the main Slingblade character.” Wayne Cameron, GTC Writing & Illustrating for Children

“As our class is ending tonight, I felt compelled to let each of you know it was a pleasure to attend the class with talented writers and illustrators. Reading aloud was therapeutic, helping me with my pronunciations and I can tell writing has helped expand the vocabulary my mind has hidden for so long. You never made me feel self-conscious.” BM, Summer Writers Class
“The final lesson that I've learned so far came out of a writing class that I am taking this summer. . . When I was being critiqued for what I wrote in one of our sessions; the suggestion was made that I should take out a portion at the end of the book which kinda brought confusion to the flow of the book. When I got home I was a little offended but then I realized that they were right and the flow of the book seemed to go a lot nicer after I took it out. Critique can hurt at times but it is really good for our life because it helps us become more like our Maker.” JG, Summer Writers Class

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